Fuller Gilbert & Company Limited was founded in 2001 by Grant Fuller. Grant and his team have served the families of Wimbledon, Coombe, and surrounding areas for over 22 years. Prior to setting up Fuller Gilbert, Grant worked for a UK wide Agency running a sales team in the same area but felt the company had started to lose sight of customer service and felt he could not influence this, which encouraged him to start Fuller Gilbert.

After 20 enjoyable, successful years at FG, Grant started to consider what happens beyond him, which lead to a conversation with a potential partner who had previously approached Grant about investing in the company. Grant realised this local family (already experienced property professionals) shared the same values as Grant, with regards to exceptional customer service, which resulted in Fuller Gilbert & Company being acquired in 2021.

Since the acquisition, the company has seen some changes, which we are pleased to say has not affected our core values of customer service. We have relocated to Wimbledon Village and acquired a freehold building, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to the local area. We are delighted to report that we have grown our business by 500% in sales (2021-2023), and 200% in lettings in the last 12 months.

In the November 2023, Fuller Gilbert announced the acquisition of the well-known boutique London agent Dominic & Co, a boutique agent that has been based in South Kensington for over 30 years, where they have spent over 25 years at the same address 38 Gloucester Road, South Kensington. The firm was founded by Dominic Iglesias, who has also served local families and international buyers for over 37 years. Dominic speaks fluent Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, and has been working with Fuller Gilbert for the last 18 months, before agreeing to join the businesses. Together the two independent boutique agents have been servicing their clients, friends, and international buyers for over 52 years, when you add the experience within the firms there is over 400 years’ experience.

In January 2024, Dominic & Co’s offices will be partly closed due to the refurbishment and rebranding to Fuller Gilbert. We are also pleased to say that we still have both Founders at the heart of the business doing what they enjoy best, servicing families and assisting international buyers and investors in acquiring the right home/investment. In early 2024 the Private Office will also be expanding with the additional office based in South Kensington. The Private Office is designed to work with high net-worth individuals both in the UK & internationally and with some of the most well-known celebrities in the world, sports individuals and business people that simply don’t have the time to spare to find their new home or looking to invest in property. Our Private Office team lead by Jay Collins takes away the day-to-day process, from finding the right new home, starting an investment portfolio, managing portfolios, and understanding the family/ individual needs.

We have unfortunately seen too many times people in the public eye, put in the politest way pay a ‘celebrity tax’, by paying full price on a property, inflated interest rates and facility and finders fees. And although we hear over and over again, this wouldn’t happen to me, unfortunately it is not always the case, Rest assured that we get the best for you, and not a price because of your status. The Private Office also acts for private family offices, and high net worth individuals. The core ethos of Fuller Gilbert and the people within it ensure they secure the best value proposition be it for buying or selling.

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